Halls & facilities

    Large hall -

    Holds up to 100 people with tables and chairs.

    Separate kitchen with fridge, kettle & mugs.
    Serving hatch to main hall.

    Cooker available with a charge and deposit. 

    Small hall -
    Holds up to 65 people with tables and chairs.

    Kitchenette area with microwave, fridge & kettle.

    Meeting Room -

    Holds up to 15 people with tables and chairs, including a director's chair.
    Ideal for small formal/informal meetings & 1-2-1 counselling. The room also features and hot and cold water dispenser for making hot and cold drinks. 
    Regrettably, no children activities are allowed in this room.

    All Rooms are equipped with electric screens and a project is also available to hire.